Hi There, I’m Ivanna.

I’m a follower of Christ, a wife, mother, writer, Air Force Veteran & more. I love to encourage and help people see the bright side of every situation. After suffering with high levels of anxiety, I began to research and study ways to feel better and become whole again.

I learned that fully relying on God, focusing on the positive and pressing into wellness were necessary steps I had to take to feel better. I also found that simplifying my life and removing unnecessary clutter helped to relieve a lot of stress.

Making these changes along with some others helped me begin to feel whole and healthy again. I created this site as a source of expression and support. Here I offer encouragement and share my personal experiences with wellness (mental, physical, spiritual), simple living, and faith. I hope that sharing my story and experiences will help someone else.

I have a Masters Degree in Management and a Bachelors Degree in Social Psychology. I’m also a Certified Personal Trainer. These have all been useful for creating valuable content for this site.

Thanks for being here.